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Caroline Criado Perez 2024 Speech Titles Caroline Criado Perez 2024 Speech Titles

  • Invisible Women - inside the gender data gap
  • What the gender data gap means for organisations
  • Campaigning for change

Caroline Criado Perez's Biography

Caroline Criado Perez is a best-selling and award-winning writer, broadcaster, and feminist campaigner. 

Caroline is the author of the #1 international best-seller, INVISIBLE WOMEN: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men (Chatto & Windus, Abrams, 2019), highlighting the systematic biases behind the data and assumptions impacting our everyday lives. It has sold over one million copies and is the winner of Financial Times Book of the Year Award 2019 and the 2019 Royal Society Science Book prize.  Caroline is currently working on a new book, as well as an updated version of Invisible Women. She writes a regular newsletter that goes out to over 40,000 subscribers.

Her first book, Do it Like a Woman (Portobello, 2015), introduces pioneering women from around the world and what it means to be female in a culture where power and basic freedoms are too often equated with being male.

Caroline’s notable campaign work includes getting a female historical figure on Bank of England banknotes; getting Twitter to introduce a “report abuse” button on tweets; getting the first statue of a woman (Millicent Fawcett) in Parliament Square, London.​

Named OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours 2015, Caroline has received the Liberty Human Rights Campaigner of the Year award, and Finland’s HÄN award for promoting equality. Her podcast Visible Women was chosen by The Guardian newspaper, as one of the 20 best podcasts of 2022.




•          Invisible Women - inside the gender data gap: From car safety to medical drugs, from public policy to AI, the world has been designed for only 50% of the population. Caroline’s bestselling expose of the worldwide gender data gap has sold nearly a million copies worldwide and continues to influence policy, product design and research globally. Hear firsthand from Caroline about the findings from her book as well as her on-going research as she explores what it takes to create a world that works for everyone.

•          What the gender data gap means for organisations: Data has never been more important for future-proofing your organisation. As AI becomes ever more integral to our lives, advances in this emerging technology, from Chat GPT to cutting-edge medical diagnostics, the opportunities are greater but so are the pitfalls. Since the release of Invisible Women in 2019, Caroline’s groundbreaking research has birthed new organizations, shaped governmental and corporate policy and inspired a generation of product designers. Hear what she’s discovered from working on the frontlines and learn practical tips on how your organization can leverage the transformative power of accurate data.


•          Campaigning for change: Caroline knows first-hand what it takes to accomplish change. From her first campaign to get a female historical figure on Bank of England banknotes, to getting Twitter to introduce a report abuse” button on tweets, to getting the first statue of a woman (Millicent Fawcett) in Parliament Square, London, Caroline has worked with leading politicians, activists and NGOs and knows her way around the corridors of power. Hear her story and learn the secret to identifying problems, building coalitions, and delivering meaningful change.

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