Dr. Mark Van Rijmenam

Dr. Mark Van RijmenamFuture of Work, Big Data, Blockchain and AI Expert

Keynote Speaker

  • The Future of Work
  • How to Prepare for a Data-Driven Future
  • How to Innovate in Today’s World
  • How Will Leadership Change in Today’s World
  • How the Role of IT is Changing

Speaker Profile

Dr Mark van Rijmenam thinks about how technology changes organisations and society. He is the digital speaker and the author of three best-selling management books on big data, blockchain and AI. His latest book – The Organisation of Tomorrow – details how AI, blockchain and analytics turn your business into a data organization.

He is the founder of Datafloq.com, a leading content platform on emerging technologies. He recently founded Mavin.org, a tokenised ecosystem of tools to fight misinformation, bad bots and online trolls through crowdsourced trust. He holds a PhD in Management from the University of Technology in Sydney, where he did research how big data, blockchain and AI are changing organisations. He is a founding board member of the 2Tokens Foundation in The Netherlands, developing a roadmap towards realising value from Tokenisation.

He is the publisher of the ‘f(x) = ex‘ newsletter, read by thousands of executives, on the future of work and the organization of tomorrow. Dr Van Rijmenam has spoken in 20 countries across the globe and collectively inspired over 100.000 managers, directors and C-level executives. He is a recognised speaker by the Professional Speaker Association Holland, and he is a member of the Global Speakers Federation.


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