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  • From Para To Dakar : Empowering people to reframe challenges, embrace change and separate from mediocrity.

Joey Evans's Biography

Joey Evans inspired people across the world when he pulled off a near impossible dream, dragging his battered motorbike along with his broken body over the finish line of the 9000km Dakar Rally. Finishing the most gruelling and dangerous offroad race in the world was the dramatic end to a 10 year journey, since breaking his back and being paralysed.

Joey shares a message of determination in the face of insurmountable odds. A message filled with insightful principles and practical takeaways. A master storyteller, weaving heartfelt emotion, witty humour and gripping adventure, his presentation leaves audiences with a new perspective on their own challenges and the renewed drive to chase their own goals and dreams.
Since racing the Dakar, Joey has also gone on to finish the 6000km Africa Eco race from Monaco to Dakar, Senegal. He’s ridden and raced his bike through more than 30 countries on six continents and he continues to overcome adversity pushing the limits of both adventure and resilience.

Joey is married to his soulmate Meredith, and they are proud parents of four daughters, an extreme adventure in itself.

Joey was awarded “National Off-Track Rider of The Year” by the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists and later honoured by Motorsport South Africa with the “Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to South African Motorsport.”

His journey has been a top featured story on Carte Blanche, SuperSport and in widespread international programs and publications.


Joey's life journey is a tribute to the power of the human spirit and the ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. In addition to learning to walk again after being paralysed, he went on to accomplish his childhood dream of racing his motorbike in the Dakar Rally,
‘Para to Dakar’ is significantly more than a keynote presentation. Through his expert use of suspense, humour, pacing and imagery, Joey creates a sensory experience that immerses the audience directly into the journey. With many easily relatable parallels to their own lives, audience members are left with a new perspective on their own challenges, practical insights and the renewed drive to chase their own goals and dreams.


The impact of a guest speaker can make or break a conference. Joey has a proven track record of motivating teams, inspiring change and driving results at hundreds of events attended by thousands of people across
5 continents.
Joey is more than your typical motivational speaker. His down to earth personality brings a unique perspective experiences as a husband and father of 4 daughters have taught him the importance of connection, empathy, and authenticity.
When you choose Joey as your speaker, you're not just getting someone who knows how to motivate, you're getting someone who understands the challenges and struggles that come with everyday life. His warmth, humor, and genuineness make him relatable to a wide variety of audiences. You're not just investing in a great presentation, you're investing in a speaker who weaves your theme’s into his story.

Joey Evans is ready to inspire your teams!
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Joey Evans testimonials

Iolanda Ruggiero

Group Managing Executive, Nedbank Wealth

His genuine, down-to-earth and heartfelt portrayal of the past few years of his life has touched us all so deeply,and his ability to easily and poignantly weave our theme into his story, is something few people would have been able to do.

Kate Stubbs

Director, Interwaste

You don’t have to be a motor bike fan to love this story. His message touched a diverse audience moving most to tears by the end of the evening. Never give up!

Andre Visser


Joey does not only tell his story with passion, but also draws his audience in with the necessary articulation of an excellent speaker. Highly recommended.

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