Retail Speakers

Retail Speakers

Looking after both the consumer and the virtual or digital till operator requires an understanding of the past present and future of humanity, product design and technology. Contact us to understand the product design and technology via our expert speakers.

Barb Stegemann New
Barb Stegemann CEO and Founder, The 7 Virtues | Social Entrepreneur
  • The Virtues of Leadership and Success: How to Perform Your Best, Make Your Mark, and Grow
  • Doing Well By Doing Good
  • Adapt and You Will Succeed. Guaranteed: Embracing a Pivot to get to Profit
Daniel Bobroff
Daniel Bobroff Founder of Coded Futures | Retail Tech Evangelist | Advisor
  • Time To Play – Gamifying Retail
  • Game Changer
  • Is Shopping Fun Anymore
Daphne Costa Lopes
Daphne Costa Lopes Head of Customer Success, UKI at Hubspot
  • Building a Second Growth Engine: Why You Should Invest in CS
  • Why Customer Success is the Key To Durable and Sustainable Growth
  • Breaking Linear Growth with CX
DR. BEHICE ECE ILHAN Director of Cultural Strategy, Ethos Deloitte Digital Strategist, Scholar, Sherpa, Storyteller
  • Covid-19 & Beyond: Resilience in Routines, Habits, and Rituals
  • Meshed Realities: Manifestations of 5G Across Categories
  • Iconic Brands: Brands as Social and Cultural Agents
GUY KAWASAKI Chief Evangelist at Canva, Former Brand Ambassador for Mercedes-Benz, Former Chief Evangelist at Apple
  • The Art of Innovation
  • The Art of The Start
  • The Art of Enchantment
Hamish Taylor New
  • The Customer Promise:- Lessons in putting the customer at the heart of all activities within your organisation (or department)
  • Masterthief:- Lessons in driving innovation and change by “stealing” ideas from outside
  • Playing Reverse Football:- Lessons in making sure you take the organisation with you!
James Hardy New
James Hardy Former Head of EMEA Alibaba | Head, Global Retail & Market Development at Flutterwave (Series D stage; $3bn+ valuation)
JASPREET BINDRA Founder - Tech Whisperer | ex-CDO Mahindra, Microsoft, TAS | Author - The Tech Whisperer | MSt AI & Ethics Cambridge University | Advisor - Findability Sciences | Cambridge, Gurgaon
  • Digital Transformation (DX) for Large Businesses: Become a Digital Business.
  • Blockchain Demystified, How it can Change your Business, and How to Adopt It
  • For Better or for Verse (Metaverse, NFTs, Web3
Kitty Horlick New
Kitty Horlick NFT, Web3, Blockchain, Metaverse Thoughtleader | Analyst | Founding Partner at Blackwood
  • Metaverse
  • Marketing in the Metaverse
  • Metaverse ethics
Leanne Elliott Young New
Leanne Elliott Young CEO & Co-Founder of Institute of Digital Fashion
Dr. Marcus Collins New
Dr. Marcus Collins Chief Strategy Officer | Marketing Professor | AAF Hall of Achievement Inductee
  • Cultural Contagion: Going Beyond “Going Viral”
  • For the Culture: The Power Behind What We Buy, What We Do, and Who We Want to Be
  • Data Analytics: Don’t Mistake Information for Intimacy
Omar Johnson
Omar Johnson Top Booked Keynote Speaker | Tech CEO | Leadership and Culture Expert | Marketing and Branding Authority | Builder of World Class Brands at Beats by Dre, Nike, Apple, Kraft, and Coca-Cola | Founder of ØPUS United | Top 100 Black Thought Leader
Susannah Streeter
Susannah Streeter Head of Money and Markets Hargreaves Lansdown | Global Financial Commentator | Economics and Leadership Speaker | Former BBC News Anchor and RAF Squadron Leader | Bilingual Chair/Host
Tom Chapman OBE New
Tom Chapman OBE Co Founder at Matches Fashion, Entreprenuer & Investor at Chapman Family Office
  • Investment Strategy
  • Technology
  • Fashion
Will Higham
Will Higham Behavioural Futurist, Author, Speaker, Founder of Next Big Thing
  • What Your Customers Will Want, Need and Expect From You Tomorrow
  • How to Anticipate and Appeal to Tomorrow’s Customer
  • Why Consumer Trends Matter to Your Business

Making Difference With Retail Speakers

Are you in charge of booking speakers for a retail conference? Are you looking for experts who can provide real-world insights into the challenging and ever-changing world of retail? If that is the case, then this article is precisely what you require.

Here we will highlight some fantastic retail industry speakers. They can shed light on current trends, best practices, and cutting-edge solutions. Learn more about each speaker’s unique background and skills  – from inspiring keynote addresses to detailed seminar formats. These professionals have exactly what it takes to make your event a success.

Let’s dive in…

Who are Retail Speakers?

Retail speakers offer valuable insight for retailers looking to stay ahead of the competition. With expertise in various fields, such as technology, publishing, and service , these professionals have an intuitive understanding of the digital transformation. This understanding can give organizations an edge in the retail industry.

Many organizations are on a budget when hosting events and may find it difficult to find the right speaker. However, businesses can access some of the most sought-after experts in their respective industries. This is possible with some research and knowledge about the subject matter.

What is the subject matter of their discussion?

The retail industry is on the cusp of digital transformation.  Digital transformation in the retail industry is coming to change brick and mortar retail.  .Product designs and technology are constantly changing. The speakers at this event will provide an in-depth look into how this revolution unfolds. This talk promises to be a key resource for anyone looking to modernize their business. It can help them not miss out on trends in the retail industry.

List of Popular Retail Speakers

Daphne Costa Lopes

As one of the most sought-after retail speakers, Daphne Costa Lopes is a highly experienced customer experience (CX) advisor. She has dedicated herself to ensuring superior customer experiences through innovating across products, marketing, sales, and services. 

Daphne has a decade of experience specializing in CX at start-ups, scale-ups, and Fortune 500 companies. She now heads the Customer Success division for the UK at Hubspot. Her passion is to help businesses realize positive customer experiences. This has catapulted her to become one of the premier retail speakers of our time.

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki has succeeded incredibly as a popular retail speaker, drawing on decades of tech industry experience. His interesting and educational talks offer audiences tactical and practical tips on creating innovative products and services. His knowledge is evident through these talks.

He has also advocated for democratizing knowledge, proving his commitment to helping others learn valuable lessons from his successes. Kawasaki was appointed to the board of trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation in 2015. This demonstrated his solid vision for progressive ideals around computer design, knowledge sharing, and more.

Dr. Behice Ece Ilhan

Dr Behice Ece Ilhan is an exceptional speaker specializing in consumer culture and strategic brand management. Her expertise and experience have made her a sought-after advisor and consultant. She works with entrepreneurs, politicians, media practitioners, ad agencies, scholars, and global brands.

She is a Senior Trend Strategist at Mintel and Director of Cultural Strategy at Deloitte Digital. Before joining Deloitte, she founded Dyctic, a consultancy business focused on cultural brand strategy. Ilhan's presentation will benefit those looking for an influential voice to guide their audience. Behice provides groundbreaking insights into current trends.

Will Higham

Will Higham aims to assist businesses in staying ahead of the latest trends. He is one of the most sought-after trend strategists. This is when it comes to predicting consumer habits and demands. 

The Next Big Thing: Forecasting Consumer Trends For Profit is a book written by the speaker. It was the first practical handbook for trend strategists and translates into five languages.

Will has spoken at major industry events and presented shows on TV networks such CNBC. The speaker's interviews and writings have been featured in notable publications such as The Economist, Director, Advertising Age, and Huffington Post. He is also known for this. 

Will Higham is a go-to source for anyone wanting to capitalize on the ever-changing landscape of consumerism. This is because of his unparalleled insights into future trends.

Dr. Marcus Collins

Dr. Marcus Collins is a renowned speaker on future trends. He has made great progress in his area of expertise. This includes cultural contagion, meaning-making, brand strategy, and consumer behavior.

He has produced some of the most admired campaigns of this age such as McDonald’s, Apple and Google. He currently works as Chief Strategy Officer for Wieden+Kennedy New York. It is an industry acclaimed agency well known for its work on Nike's " Just Do It" campaign. His experience and insights make him an excellent speaker on the popular trend of predicting what's to come in any industry.

Omar Johnson

Omar Johnson is a highly sought-after speaker in the marketing and retail industry. Johnson has built a solid reputation for successfully creating memorable, globally recognized brands. He has impressive credentials, such as his former role as CMO at Beats by Dre and VP of Marketing at Apple. His portfolio contains major campaigns he's developed while working with powerhouse companies like Coca-Cola, Nike, Kraft Foods, and Campbell Soup. 

Among his most hits are “Rise” featuring LeBron James, and The Most Valuable Puppets. All of these prove his extraordinary talent in developing impactful marketing campaigns that have stood the test of time. Omar Johnson is an ideal choice for any corporate event. Omar has expertise in retail trends in the UK and is a sought-after retail speaker.

The bottom line

The retail industry is ever-changing, and staying on top of these trends can require extra effort. Working with a retail speaker will increase your knowledge, understanding, and awareness of the current challenges in the industry. Our speakers are sure to inform and entertain audiences of any size through their expertise and engaging speaking style. Contact the Speaker Agency if you would like to discuss booking a retail speaker for your next event. 

Whether you’re looking for an event host or keynote speaker, we can help you find the perfect match. You may visit our website to explore our range of speakers or contact us through our email at or by calling us at +44 (0) 20 3393 1061.

To learn more about product design projects, design and technology in the industry, follow @speakeragencyuk on social media. You can also find details on available speakers. Take action immediately and click on the "enquire" button located on a speaker's page.

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