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Neil West Former Apple as Head of Music (UK & Europe) and Country Manager for App Store, Apple TV+, Apple Music


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Neil West 2024 Speech Titles Neil West 2024 Speech Titles

  • Revolutionizing the Music Industry
  • Leading customers through change: Lessons from Apple’s App Store, iTunes, Apple Music, and Apple TV+
  • Keep it Simple: Lessons from Steve Jobs
  • The Future of Digital Entertainment: Trends and Predictions

Neil West's Biography

Neil West is a pioneer and key figure in the digital music and entertainment industry. With 25 years at the forefront of digital content business transformation, West has been a driving force in changing how we consume music and online content. His work at Apple, both in the UK and Europe, has positioned him as an influential leader in the field, particularly during his tenure as Head of Music and later as Head of Apple Services.

Neil West's career is remarkable, highlighted by his leadership at Apple, where he led the music team in Europe as iTunes rose to become the world's largest music retailer and through the launch of Apple Music. He was a co-founder and curator of the iTunes Festival. He led Apple’s Services businesses (App Store, Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Books, Apple Podcasts, Fitness+) in Southern and Eastern Europe. Prior to joining Apple he served as European Editor-in-Chief for Rhapsody, the world's first music streaming subscription service. West has also been the Creative Director of San Francisco startup and Editor-in-Chief of NEXT Generation, the leading US videogames magazine. His #4 position in The Guardian's Music Power 100 in 2011 is a testament to his influence in the industry.

Neil West's conferences are known for their innovative approach and ability to foresee future trends in the digital entertainment industry. Using an interactive and engaging style, West shares his experiences and insights on the evolution of the digital market, offering unique perspectives and valuable lessons to his audience. His ability to blend personal stories with trend analysis makes his presentations an educational and inspiring experience. 

Keynote Synopsis

Revolutionizing the Music Industry

Description: Apple has reinvented three industries: computers, telecommunications, and music. The iTunes Music Store changed the way the world buys content and was Apple’s pivot into Content & Services. In this talk, Neil West narrates the thrilling journey from his perspective as Apple’s Head of Music in Europe. He shares stories of Beyoncé, The Beatles and Bono, and from behind the scenes at the iTunes Festival. He finishes with a glimpse of how we’ll all be listening to music in the future…

Leading customers through change: Lessons from Apple’s App Store, iTunes, Apple Music, and Apple TV+

Description: Content and Services are Apple’s fastest growing business. From the launch of iTunes through the launch of App Store, Apple Music, Apple TV+ and more Apple has revolutionised the way the world buys content. Neil West shares valuable lessons from Apple and Steve Jobs on how to lead customers through change.

Keep it Simple: Lessons from Steve Jobs

Description: Steve Jobs said “Simple can be harder than complex. But once you get there you can move mountains.” Neil West leads an exploration of how Apple kept it simple to revolutionise the music business, create the App Store, launch Apple TV+, and change the way the world consumes content.

The Future of Digital Entertainment: Trends and Predictions

Description: This talk offers a deep dive into future trends in digital entertainment. Neil West uses his experience to predict how consumption habits will evolve and what new technologies will play a crucial role in the industry.

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