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Joe Toscano CEO, DataGrade // Author& Int'l Keynote Speaker, Automating Humanity // Featured Expert, The Social Dilemma


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Joe Toscano 2024 Speech Titles Joe Toscano 2024 Speech Titles

  • Privacy 2.0: A Post-Compliance Era of Profitable Privacy Practices
  • Empathetic Privacy: Situational Awareness Training for Data Professionals

Joe Toscano's Biography

Joe Toscano is an award-winning designer, published author, and international keynote speaker and featured regularly on Fox News as a technology expert, along with other major media outlets. You may have seen Joe featured in The Social Dilemma or read his articles on Forbes. Watch his TEDx Talk, “Want to work for Google? You already do,” for a summary of his work. 

Previously an Experience Design consultant for Google, Joe left Silicon Valley because he believes the industry misuses data and feels the issues need to be addressed through innovation rather than strict regulation. Since leaving, Joe has written a book, called Automating Humanity, and he has started the Better Ethics and Consumer Outcomes Network (BEACON), both focused on increasing technology literacy, discovering opportunities for purpose-driven innovation, and moving communities forward through purpose-driven innovation. 

Joe's talks focus on how we can create a better, human-centered approach to designing the internet. His deepest knowledge is in privacy, data protection, digital literacy, and the larger conversation around data rights as human rights.

Keynotes In Detail

Privacy 2.0: A Post-Compliance Era of Profitable Privacy Practices

Laws are created when an individual or group of individuals become too callous to their moral obligations to society. However, laws are not required to regulate or change the world, and even when regulated it's been proven that companies will do everything they can to get around the law. This talk will lay out the many ways in which privacy and data protection can be translated into a value center, rather than a compliance cost center, through the lense of ESG. Leveraged to increase revenues and profitability, we enable privacy to remove itself from a cost in the mind of executives and put professionals in a position to accelerate the rate of change exponentially.

Empathetic Privacy: Situational Awareness Training for Data Professionals

Tech regulation is consuming the world, and in the process it’s forcing companies to ask new questions of themselves: How does your company handle your data? Is your company asking the right questions of itself? Are you prepared or are you unsure? Keeping up with these new regulations and trying to stay ahead of the curve is costing companies excessive amounts of both time and money. Empathetic Privacy is zero to one data literacy and ethics training for data professionals. It is the creative work required to ensure society retains the humanity of its machine counterparts and consensually adopts them. 

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