Toby Lewis

Toby Lewis Global Head of Threat Analysis at Darktrace | Former member of the British Intelligence Services


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Toby Lewis 2024 Speech Titles Toby Lewis 2024 Speech Titles

  • Cyber Security
  • Data Privacy
  • Data Breaches
  • Ransomware
  • Cybercrime
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Generative AI
  • Technology Ethics
  • Social Engineering
  • Technology

Toby Lewis's Biography

Former British Intelligence Services member, now leading a team at AI & Cyber Security firm Darktrace, an esteemed Cyber Security and AI expert sharing insights on major cyber threats and the application of Artificial Intelligence.

Toby Lewis is a Cyber Security Expert with a career that began within the British Intelligence Services. He was a founding member of the National Cyber Security Centre and now leads an international team of Cyber Security Analysts for British AI & Cyber

Security firm, Darktrace. His career has been punctuated by major Cyber Security events, initially working on the threat from Nation State espionage until WannaCry transformed the

Cyber Crime landscape into one dominated by Ransomware.Toby has delivered keynote speeches at flagship conferences on Cyber Security, sharing his experiences working at the sharp end, combating major Cyber Security incidents and providing insights into the cyber threat landscape. He has provided expert commentary for mainstream broadcast news and print media, on topics ranging from the benefits and risks associated with Artificial Intelligence, to joining BBC Radio 5 Live on the morning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine to discuss the potential use of Cyber Weapons by the two countries.

Since joining Darktrace at the start of 2021, Toby has been at the forefront of the real-world application of AI and Machine Learning within Cybersecurity, drawing on his Artificial Intelligence expertise and a deep understanding of the value in the right type of AI for the right application and the human factors around building confidence within organizations as they begin their journey with AI. With the AI explosion associated with ChatGPT, this also means engaging in a much more informed debate, balancing out the hype and catastrophizers with a pragmatic view of this new technology.

War stories gathered over nearly 20 years in Cyber Security allow Toby to provide an accessible introduction to the intersections of technology, geopolitics and cybersecurity, as well as deeper expertise on topics such as the application of Artificial Intelligence incyber security, and what really happens when hackers get access to your network.

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