Future of Technology Speakers

Future of Technology Speakers

Speaker Agency Future of Technology Speakers, share their insights on the latest and most practical ways technology can help your business, empower your teams and help you make a difference to the future of the planet.

 Adolfo Fernández Sánchez New
Adolfo Fernández Sánchez Global Product Strategy & Operations @ TikTok | Monetization Product & Technology
  • Italians queuing for American coffee
  • I want it, and I want it now
  • People are not afraid of change
Adrienne A. Harris New
Adrienne A. Harris Superintendent NYS Department of Financial Services | Former Special Assistant to President Obama for Economic Policy
Alicia Asín New
Alicia Asín CEO and co-founder of Libelium. Expert keynote speaker in Internet of Things, AI and Smart Cities
  • Reflections on the loT on its way to 2030: Risks and opportunities of the IoT towards a legacy of greater transparency and democracy
  • IoT to promote democracy and transparency
  • Main cities' challenges to be smart and sustainable
Allison Duettmann New
Allison Duettmann CEO, Foresight Institute
  • Meta Tools for Accelerating Scientific Innovation Introduction
  • Bio, Nano, Neuro, AI: Opportunities and Risks in Frontier TechIntroduction
  • Charting Optimism: Steering Sci-Fi Futures from Existential Angst to Hope
Ambarish Mitra
Ambarish Mitra Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of Blippar and co-Founder of Greyparrot
  • An Augmented Future - What's Next for Augmented Reality?
  • How Are AR & AI Technologies Impacting Our Lives Today?
  • Is The Augmented Reality Hype Already Over? What Is Next For AR?
Assad Dar New
Assad Dar Co-founder & Chief Visionary Officer of Medieval Empires | Keynote Speaker
  • Overcoming Challenges to bring blockchain technology to mainstream gaming
  • From Hype to Reality: Unleashing the Potential of the Metaverse
  • Driving Change in the Digital Arena: My Journey and Lessons Learned
Azeem Azhar
Azeem Azhar Entrepreneur, Investor and Curator Exponential View
  • The Exponential Age is Leading to a Burst of Abundance
  • Generative AI & The Future of Work
  • The Exponential Age: How Accelerating Technology is Transforming Business, Politics and Society
Bas Lansdorp
Bas Lansdorp CEO and Founder NEDPAC
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Thinking Big
  • Sustainability
Ben Owen New
Ben Owen Co-Director EMEA Region at Fortalice Solutions #OSINT #Cybersecurity #Cyberspy | Keynote Speaker | Hunted U.K. Channel 4 & Hunted U.S. CBS | Ex -British Intelligence and Military Sniper
  • ‘Hunted’ a global TV show
  • How safe are you online?
  • Digital data in the modern world.
Bianca Lopes New
Bianca Lopes Identity Expert & Speaker | ReFi | Access Tech Investor | UNESCO Business Impact Council Member | AI for SDGs | Privacy & Ethics
  • Identity
  • Beyond Labs: Growing Innovation Culture
  • Innovation ROI: Maximizing Learning, Experimentation, Growth & Failure
Cassie Kozyrkov New
Cassie Kozyrkov CEO at Data Scientific, Google's first Chief Decision Scientist, Decision Advisor, Keynote Speaker
  • AI and Innovation: Less Hype, More Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence: Software 2.0
  • Automating Beyond Human Expression
Catherine Knibbs New
Catherine Knibbs Human Behaviour Technologist
  • Why we do what we do online (needs and e-ttachment), healthy development in a world of technology
  • Cybersecurity and the human who ‘humans’ (why mistakes are really made), addiction is not the answer, tech is not the cure
  • Porn viewing in children and young people: why it’s not use or consumption
Dag Kittlaus
Dag Kittlaus A.I. Speaker and Tech Entrepreneur, Co-founder & CEO of Siri and Viv
  • Artificial Intelligence: Past, Present, Future
  • Marketing: Building Billion Dollar Brands
  • Entrepreneurship/Strategy: Designing And Executing Scalable Brands For Worldwide Distribution
Dan Cobley
Dan Cobley Keynote Speaker | Advisor | Entrepreneur
  • The Digital Imperative
  • Learning How to Fail
  • Disruption in Financial Services
Daniel Bobroff
Daniel Bobroff Founder of Coded Futures | Retail Tech Evangelist | Advisor
  • Time To Play – Gamifying Retail
  • Game Changer
  • Is Shopping Fun Anymore
Daphne Costa Lopes
Daphne Costa Lopes Head of Customer Success, UKI at Hubspot
  • Building a Second Growth Engine: Why You Should Invest in CS
  • Why Customer Success is the Key To Durable and Sustainable Growth
  • Breaking Linear Growth with CX
David Birch New
David Birch International Keynote Speaker, Published Author, Global Advisor and Investor in Digital Financial Services. Fintech | CBDC | Digital currency | Digital Identity | Tokens | NFTs
  • Open Banking and its Discontents: Competitive Strategies and Asymmetry
  • Biometrics, Blockchains & Bolts: What will Tech really do to Finance?
  • Star Trek - The Sci-Fi Future of Money
David Constantine MBE New
David Constantine MBE Founder Director @ Freedom Through Design | Founder of Motivation Charitable Trust
  • Embracing Disability
  • Importance & Value of Design
  • The Role of Charity in Changing People’s Lives
David Rowan
David Rowan Founding UK Editor-in-Chief, WIRED | Author of Amazon #1 business bestseller Non-Bullshit Innovation: Radical Ideas from the World’s Smartest Minds (Penguin)
  • Why this is AI's "Netscape moment" — and what that​ ​means for your business
  • What exponential technologies mean for the next five​ ​years in retail/real estate/finance/media/healthcare, etc
  • What a 20-country quest taught me about building an​ ​authentic culture of innovation
Dr Jessica Barker New
Dr Jessica Barker Cyber Security Expert| Best Selling Author of “Confident Cyber Security” | Keynote Speaker |Media Commentator
  • How a Hack Works
  • Demonstrating a Phishing Attack
  • Why Culture is Key to Cyber Security

Hire the Most Influential Future of Technology Speakers

Is your business looking to achieve process efficiency, improve productivity, and drive revenue growth? Do you want to inspire your employees about the future of technology to business? How does technology affect businesses?

The key to business success in 2023 and beyond lies not only in investing in the right technology tools. It also lies in being ready for the disruptions the future of technology will bring. It lies in understanding and to the predictions about the future of technology. 

There are experts who have dedicated their careers to tracking and shaping the future of technology. It is important to hear from them to gain insight and inspiration.

That's where influential future of technology speakers come in.

The Speaker Agency works with leading future of technology experts.  They offer fresh perspectives and innovative ideas that can help inspire, inform, and motivate your audiences.

Why hire future of technology speakers?

Technology is an ever-evolving field and has changed the way we live, work, and do business. Digital technology business is constantly evolving and business owners are adapting their business models. 

For instance, a PwC study highlights the potential impact of Artificial impact on almost all industries and sectors.

By 2030, according to this research, 45 percent of the economic gains will be due to product enhancements. AI will help boost product variety, enabling personalisation and affordability to generate consumer demand.

Whether your organization is looking to leverage the opportunities that the future of technology brings or mitigate the risks they bring. knowing what to expect is crucial.

Gartner predicts that by 2023, the use of cloud-based AI is expected to increase by 5 times compared to 2019. This is just one example of the many technological changes that organizations can anticipate in the near future.

Keeping up with the latest technology trends and innovations is important. It will help businesses, leaders, educators, and policymakers make the right decisions going ahead.

The best future of technology speakers can provide valuable insights and expertise to help businesses navigate the ever-evolving technological landscape. They can equip your team with the tools they need to boost their return on tech investment.

Here are the many benefits of hiring future of technology experts:

Expertise and knowledge. Future of technology speakers can provide valuable insights and information on the latest trends. They can also give insights on  developments, and innovations in the tech industry.

In this video, a future of technology speaker is talking about how technology will influence universities in the future.

Inspiration and motivation. A good speaker can inspire and motivate your team to think creatively and explore new ideas.  This motivation can lead to innovation and growth.

Cassie Kozyrkov is one of the top future of technology speakers we work with. She offers deep insights into AI, machine learning, and other technology trends. In this video, she explains what neural networks are and when to use them in an engaging way.

Bringing in such talented speakers can help boost employee engagement and morale.  It will also  provide a unique learning opportunity that is both informative and enjoyable.

Reimagine the future of tech: As we move into the future, technology is becoming more and more advanced. This means that the way we use technology is changing too. Future of technology speakers help you see the potential of technology. They can help us to make a difference in the world.

By sharing their knowledge and expertise, they inspire us to reimagine the world of technology. They also show us just how much potential it has.

In this TED talk, logistics expert Wanis Kabbaj discusses the future of transit systems. He also talks about how they can be modeled after the smooth way blood flows through our veins.

Networking opportunities. Speakers can provide valuable networking opportunities for your team. They  allow them to connect with other professionals in the tech industry and build relationships that can benefit your business.

Competitive advantage: Businesses can gain a competitive advantage by learning about emerging technologies and best practices before they become widely adopted.

Brand recognition. Hosting a successful event with a high-profile speaker can help enhance your brand's reputation. It can increase your visibility in the tech industry.

Future of Technology Speakers: Background and expertise

José Morey

Dr. Jose Morey has been a medical consultant for NASA, IBM, and Hyperloop Transportation among others. He also heads the Medical Innovation department at Liberty BioSecurity.

As a renowned technology keynote speaker, Dr. Morey explores the impact of emerging technologies on healthcare. He specifically focuses on technologies such as 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence, and hyperloop travel.

Augmented human performance, defense biotechnologies, and genetic intelligence are some of his areas of expertise.

Dr. Morey has a distinguished career in the field of artificial intelligence. His career includes serving on AI advisory boards and publishing peer-reviewed articles. He has also presented talks at the HIIMS, NASA360, and many other conferences and seminars.

David Rowan

David Rowan is the founder of the UK edition of the WIRED magazine. He is also a technology columnist for GQ, The Times, and The Sunday Times to name a few. David Rowan wrote a book called "Non-Bullshit Innovation: Radical Ideas from the World's Smartest Minds". In this book, he explains the strategies businesses can use to build resilience in the post-pandemic era.

He is also the founder of a non-profit organization. Over 600 innovators are working to solve climate and health problems in this organization.

His forte as a future of technology speaker lies in delivering lively and fascinating presentations. His presentations give insights into how technology will impact business in the future.

The most popular future of technology topics

The field of technology is vast and constantly evolving, with new trends and innovations emerging all the time. These topics are likely to continue to be major areas of focus in the future. They have the potential to shape the way we live, work, and interact with technology.

Some of the most popular future of technology topics that are currently generating buzz and discussion include:

  • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning
  • Impact of technology
  • Exponential technologies
  • The future of healthcare technology/Future of AI in healthcare
  • Metaverse and Web3
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and smart devices
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • Cybersecurity and data privacy
  • 5G and the future of connectivity
  • Autonomous transportation
  • Future of robotics and automation
  • Sustainable technology
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