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Jess Meredith 2024 Speech Titles Jess Meredith 2024 Speech Titles

  • Exploring fairness through a neurodiversity lens
  • Dispelling myths and stereotypes of ADHD through my personal journey
  • Creating expert teams, not expert individuals
  • Thriving with ADHD as an expert generalist
  • Unlocking and understanding sensory processing
  • Breaking down barriers or unfair advantage? Delving into the difference between needs and wants.
  • Exploring and embracing our different perspectives through the power of optical illusions

Jess Meredith's Biography

As a proud ADHDer and parent to wonderful neurodiverse children, Jess is on a mission to create inclusive environments for those with a neurological difference such as ADHD, autism and dyslexia - from schools to the workplace, and beyond. Jess firmly believes that to create truly inclusive societies we must all accept and embrace our neuro-diversities. 

She uses her lived experience and the power of storytelling to deliver unforgettable, neurodiversity-affirming talks. Jess is a staunch advocate for reframing the narrative around neurodiversity. She has delivered talks and spoken on panels for Accenture, The Adecco Group, Capgemini, Coulter Partners and more.

Jess' social enterprise, Differing Minds, supports organisations to be more neuro-inclusive through training, speaking, consulting and coaching. Differing Minds also delivers lessons to primary school children about neurodiversity to firstly, improve the school environment for neurodivergent children, and secondly, to create the change needed more broadly in society by educating and empowering future generations. 

Jess Meredith's Testimonials

"Engaging, interactive, thought provoking, simply excellent. Both your passion and honesty created an eye opening session where we all learnt something new about neurodiversity and all came away with actions for change."

"An enormous thank you on behalf of the team for today's session. It was so positively received and I have had many messages already commenting on how interesting and eye-opening it was.

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