Family & Parenting Speakers

Family & Parenting Speakers

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Caspar Craven
Caspar Craven Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Adventurer, Former CFO, Author
  • Think Big. Think Bold. How to Achieve the Impossible
  • Be more Human: Re-thinking the Rules of High-Performance Teamwork
  • Time to Change Tack - Developing Agility and Resilience
Dr Claire Ashley New
Dr Claire Ashley GP and Burnout Specialist | NHS Clinical Entrepreneur | Public Speaker | Educator | Entrepreneur | Coach and Consultant
  • Burnout Prevention
  • Burnout First Aid
  • Burnout Recovery
Dr Jessica Barker New
Dr Jessica Barker Cyber Security Expert| Best Selling Author of “Confident Cyber Security” | Keynote Speaker |Media Commentator
  • How a Hack Works
  • Demonstrating a Phishing Attack
  • Why Culture is Key to Cyber Security
Jess Meredith New
Jess Meredith CEO of Differing Minds | Keynote Speaker
  • Exploring fairness through a neurodiversity lens
  • Dispelling myths and stereotypes of ADHD through my personal journey
  • Creating expert teams, not expert individuals
Louis Weinstock New
Louis Weinstock Award Winning Social Entrepreneur | Author | Psychotherapist
  • Digital Technology and Mental Health
  • Designing Games for Good
  • Redefining Success
Natalie Costa New
Natalie Costa Parent Coach and Confidence Coach for Children
  • Navigating big emotions and building deeper connections with your child
  • Helping your child navigate worry and anxiety
  • Boosting your child’s motivation helping them develop a growth mindset
Payzee Mahmod New
Payzee Mahmod Obama Leader, 3x TEDx Speaker & Campaigner
  • Striving Towards a Gender Equal World
  • Tackling Child Marriage
  • From Survivor of Abuse to Activist
Rachel Morgan-Trimmer New
Rachel Morgan-Trimmer Neurodiversity Consultant
  • The Power of Change: Learning to Live as a Weirdo
  • What is Neurodiversity and Why Should You Care About it?
  • How to Be Inclusive to Neurodiverse People
Rayka Kumru New
Rayka Kumru Sexologist, Sexual Health Communication Consultant
  • Comprehensive and Inclusive Marketing Communication
  • Corporate Gender Climate
  • How to Talk About Sexuality from Birth to Adolescence

Family Speakers

 If you want to organize a talk on family, parenting, and related topics, then you need to look for the best family guest speakers. Parenthood and managing families is a challenging task. People look for advice to make this challenging task easier. Family life speakers are experienced professionals who can help and guide parents and prospective parents.

Who is a family speaker?

A family speaker is a person who speaks on family, parenting, and related topics. They are usually people who are qualified and experienced in these topics. They can be guest speakers at events or even conduct seminars and workshops. Family speakers can be a part of conferences that focus on family-related themes.

Most family speakers would be qualified in subjects like psychology or mental health. They would have expertise in relationships and would have helped many individuals and families deal with different challenges. Family speakers are usually writers, coaches, or counsellors with a vast experience in the topic they speak about.

With their experience in helping others, they would be best suited to talk about family-related topics. Most family speakers would have personal experiences to share. Their experiences on dealing with challenges and helping others would add value to their talks. A family speaker does not just provide information, but offers guidance. Their talks are inspirational in nature, and can motivate participants to deal with their problems effectively. 

What do family speakers talk about?

With their knowledge and experience in the domain of family and relationships, family speakers can speak on any topic related to families. Whether the attendees are parents, kids, or families. these speakers would be able to speak on topics relevant to the audiences. They would share their knowledge and experiences to help your audience get practical insights into the topic.

Here are some topics that you can ask family speakers to talk about:

  1. Early childhood education: The education a child gets during its early years is very important. It is the foundation for the future and hence extra care is needed. Family speakers can talk about the ideal way early childhood education must be imparted.
  2. Family challenges: Every family has its own unique issues and problems. It can range from arguments over money issue to divorce. These issues cannot be ignored and pose serious challenges for every member of the family. Children, in particular, would be severely affected. Family speakers can explain how to address these challenges.
  3. Child abuse prevention: Child abuse is a sad reality of our world. To prevent child abuse parents should be able to recognize signs of child abuse. It is important to educate family members on this topic and how to deal with it.
  4. Bullying: Kids and teens can face bullying at school. It is not a problem limited to children, and even adults can face this problem. Family speakers can talk about how to identify if your kid is a victim of bullying, and how to deal with it.
  5. Empathy: Sympathy is all about showing concern for someone in pain or trouble. Empathy is taking things to the next level by feeling for them and letting them know you are with them. A talk on empathy would focus on how you can become more empathetic to the people around you.
  6. Better communication: A happy family is one that communicates well. Every member of the family should be able to communicate with others and share their moments of joy as well as problems. A good family speaker can offer practical tips on how to enhance family communication.
  7. Managing anxiety: Anxiety and stress are common problems today. From kids to the elderly, everyone suffers from anxiety. It is important to educate people on how to manage anxiety and prevent it from becoming a major problem that could affect mental health.

Know some of the best family speakers

If you are looking for family life conference speakers to talk on family and parents, then we have some useful resources for you. Here are some details of some of the best family speakers who have both experience and expertise. Choose the speaker based on your needs and let your audience benefit from their experiences.

Rachel Morgan-Trimmer

Rachel Morgan-Trimmer is a family speaker who specialises in neurodiversity. Considered one of the experts on neurodiversity, she speaks from experience. She grew up with autism and ADHD facing many challenges. A successful entrepreneur, her health problems led to various mental crises.

Despite facing so many problems, she overcame them and now shares her experiences with others. Rachel Morgan-Trimmer heads a consultancy that trains organisations on inclusion. Her goal is to take her message to a larger audience. The message she has is very clear – neurodiverse people need understanding and not patronising.

A TedX speaker, Rachel’s works have been published nationally and internationally. She is known for her passionate, inspirational, and fun filled talks. Rachel Morgan-Trimmer is an inspirational speaker who can help you audience understand more about neurodiverse people and the problems they face 

Natalie Costa

Natalie Costa is an award-winning speaker, coach, and author. She has founded a coaching service known as ‘Power Thoughts’ with the aim of helping children gain power over their thoughts. Natalie conducts workshops and other sessions for children, to help them get the tools needed to be happier, calmer, and empowered.

Natalie Costa has the distinction of helping more than 40,000 children across the world through her sessions. She is the ideal speaker to coach children thanks to her psychology background and experience of 12+ years in the educational sector. Her goal is to help children acquire the skills they need to manage their emotions and develop healthy mental fitness habits that would support them as they grow. 

Featured in newspapers, magazines, and TV Natalie Costa has co-authored four activity books for children. She talks on topics like ‘surviving the tween and teen years’, ‘mental wellbeing for all’, ‘helping children navigate anxiety and worry’, and ‘boosting a child’s motivation’.

Louis Weinstock

Louis Weinstock is a psychotherapist with a rich experience of 20+ years in working with children. Apart from working with children, he also works with the child in every one of us. He helps children and adults deal with challenges that life throws at them. His therapy sessions have benefitted people suffering from problems like trauma, divorce, breakdown, and burnout.

Louis is the co-founder of ‘Apart Me’, a charity that helps children on their journey with loss and trauma. He has written a book ‘How the world is making our children mad, and what to do about it’, published by Penguin and has been features in the press and on TV. 

Some of the topics that Louis talks about include:

  • Working with loss and grief in children.
  • Healing our wounds.
  • Digital technology for mental health.
  • Social media and child mental health.
  • Where Spirituality and Psychology meet.

Whether you are planning a talk, a workshop, or a conference you need the best speakers for your event. If you are planning an event and need family speakers, you can consider inviting the speaker we have showcased above. Know the profile of your audience and then decide the topic for the talk. Choosing the best speaker will ensure the audience enjoy the talk and benefit from it. 

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