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Lucy Faulks-Barnard  2024 Speech Titles Lucy Faulks-Barnard 2024 Speech Titles

  • Boost your Resilience and Protect your Mental Wellbeing
  • Boost Resilience, Embrace Change and Thrive at Work
  • Wellbeing - How to Make it Matter
  • Emotional Intelligence 101
  • Learned Optimism
  • Positive Psychology - the Key to Happier Living
  • Finding Happiness in a Challenging World
  • Discover Values, Meaning and Fulfilment
  • Mindfulness - What's All the Fuss About?
  • Build Awareness and Break Negative Thinking Patterns

Lucy Faulks Barnard's Biography 

Lucy Faulks Barnard is a keynote speaker on the topics of resilience, mental health, emotional intelligence and positive psychology.   

Lucy is the CEO and Founder of the award-winning employee wellbeing consultancy, Elevate, where she conducts wellbeing audits, campaigns and strategies for global corporations with a ‘no fads, no jargon, no judgement’ approach.   

As a speaker Lucy Faulks Barnard uses her training in positive psychology to weave evidence based tools and interventions into her sessions. She is passionate about arming audiences with practical, easy to use, techniques which will optimise their mental wellbeing and boost happiness. 

Previous clients include HSBC, Amazon, Intuit Quickbooks, L&Q, Mastercard, Berkeley Homes Group, Cala Housing, WeWork, Momentum Worldwide, Sanofi Genzyme, Bending Spoons, Capricorn Energy, Brentford FC and Unite Students. 

Lucy studied Positive Psychology on Dr Martin Seligman’s resilience programme at the University of Pennsylvania and she is a Co-Active Certified Coach, with 15 years experience coaching executives. Lucy combines positive psychology interventions and tools, with coaching skills and applied emotional intelligence to deliver impactful wellbeing solutions that are anchored in evidence-based practices. 

Lucy has taught the Action for Happiness course, ‘Exploring What Matters’ and she is currently training to become a couples therapist with the Tavistock Relationships Institute.


“I am thrilled to have discovered your video that fateful day. I searched for speakers, you were the first person I clicked on and I was instantly charmed. You have a natural ability to make people feel welcome and you conveyed your information brilliantly.” 
Bev Hutney, The Stelter Company 

“Thank you so much for today Lucy. Your session was excellent and really hit the mark.”

Toby Bonner, Director of Project Management & Development, L&Q 

“Thank you for a wonderful session, Lucy! You gave us valuable strategies for managing stress and anxiety as we try to be more resilient during these challenging times. The level of engagement was excellent and I only wish we had more time for you. But that’s always the difficulty, of course. Please know that we found your talk very helpful and look forward to working with you again in the future.” 
Sean Romanoff, Director - People and Culture at Exec|Comm 

"Lucy was a wonderful addition to our sales and marketing conference, offering the chance for us all to be reflective on the challenges we have faced, particularly in the past year, and how we can build our resilience to face the personal and professional targets ahead. Her techniques were simple, and easy to apply in the day to day and the whole team found her talk and methods to be really engaging and thoughtful”

Claire Brenlund, Sales Director, L&Q 

“Lucy was a really friendly face and definitely practiced what she preached - her optimism shone through. I also thought she was really good at explaining the technical terms she provided, always giving us examples and presenting the information in an easy to understand way. Also, the speed at which she went through the presentation was good – it was easy to digest and keep up with the information she provided. I found it really useful to learn more about positive psychology and learned optimism, and some of the technical terms associated with this. I like how Lucy gave us tips, time to practice them and also made us think about the way we might normally think and behave. I’ve definitely learned a lot and will do my best to use this starting from today!” 
Grace Reese-Williams, Account Executive, KAIZO PR 

“Thank you for such a brilliant session. It was incredibly valuable"

Hannah Durden 

Lucy Faulks-Barnard is ready to inspire your teams!
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