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Max Klymenko Creative Director & Content Creator


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  • Business and Social Media
  • The War on Ukraine
  • Creativity
  • Industry

Max Klymenko's Biography 

Ukrainian creator Max Klymenko is a business owner and consultant who breaks down the barriers to what goes into building a truly successful brand.

Starting his platform to inspire others with business ideas and secrets to success, Max recently transitioned to activism-led content highlighting the realities of war in home country Ukraine. Max moved the UK 10 years ago, and has now completed four [!!] university degrees - in law, economics, business and sociology and  is now the founder of Klym & Co, a Gen Z marketing agency. Due to his experience in branding and advertising his content is focused primarily on trends and pop culture - with his popular 'brand wars' videos amassing millions of views. 

Max Klymenko is ready to inspire your teams!
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