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Rachel Murphy Entrepreneur | Built & Sold Difrent| Public Speaker | NED and Investor at Careology


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Rachel Murphy 2024 Speech Titles Rachel Murphy 2024 Speech Titles

  • Concept to Sale of A Services Business
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Transformation of The NHS
  • A Gay Woman in A Man’s World
  • My Personal Journey and Development

Rachel Murphy's Biography

Rachel Murphy blazed a trail through the tech industry from her time at the NHS. Kicking off the now 30 million downloads of the NHS App to selling a building and selling a multi-million pound company in a thousand days, Rachel knows how to make an impact.

She’s delivered projects around the world and transformed some of the largest national services in healthcare. All at breakneck speed while overcoming addiction and finding her happy – a strong unbeatable female lead with an authentic Let’s do it attitude.

Frequently listed as one of the CIO100, a member of the Inspired Fifty and awarded CEO of the year in 2020 from CEO Monthly. Off the back of her work within health, Rachel was asked to join UCL as guest lecturer for the Global Business School for Health. Last but not least, Non Exec director for Cancer platform company Careology.


Concept to Sale of A Services Business

Building a UK-based services consultancy (incorporating User Research, Service Design, Build, Delivery and Development) and taking it from concept to sale over a 1,000-day period for a total eight-figure price tag.

  • strategy
  • brand
  • operational plans
  • people
  • strategic selling
  • what went wrong
  • courting potential buyers
  • selling the business
  • post-sale



Leadership is multi-layered with many moving parts


  • Good leader or great manager. Recognise and play to your strengths!
  • Understanding yourself is key to being a successful leader.
  • Being in a senior leadership role can be lonely. Be ready for that!

 Transformation of The NHS

This project was all about the technology we introduced, with new ways of working, multi-disciplinary teams, agile procurement and, frankly, getting the job done! The velocity by which we worked was just unreal.


  • transforming the governance from 12 boards to 1
  • introducing multi-supplier procurement and delivery
  • creating a visual proposition to get buy-in across the team and stakeholders
  • building a digital lab environment for the team, where clinicians were seconded over to help us
  • delivery against various ministerial commitments
  • creating communities of practice across the different Digital disciplines
  • components of the portfolio, including NHS.UK, NHS App, Citizen ID, Wifi into every hospital, and widening digital participation (engaging hard to reach members of the public)

A Gay Woman in A Man’s World

I’m so proud that I’m known for being a confident gay woman. It’s by being true to myself that I’ve been able to be true to and support others in their career.

  • being gay, female and neurodiverse
  • allyship
  • diversity, equality, LGBT+
  • allowing people to be themselves

 My Personal Journey and Development

  • being 9 years sober
  • therapy
  • psychedelics
  • learning and teaching at university (UCL)
  • entrepreneurship
  • leadership
  • life and business coaching
  • mentoring
  • creating an open culture in the workplace


Rachel is a very high quality keynote speaker. She engages fully with the client brief and brings it to life in her authentic way. She is what I would call ‘a thoughtful practitioner’ – someone who has done the job of leading in its ups and downs, has reflected on her experiences and been able to crystallise her insights and learning. She’s then able to share this in an open, thoughtful and very engaging way with audiences. Her ability to take a very broad brief and keep to time in just over 10 minutes is also impressive.

Sara Estevez Cores – Legal & General


Rachel gets stuff done – and listening to what underpins her motivation and JFDI attitude holds the key for others to have the confidence that with drive and ambition you can “just do it”. Yes, it needs hard work, it needs dedication, but that provides the satisfaction of achieving what you set out to do at the start. And the team that you bring with you on the journey will feel they too have shared in this success.

Duncan Swan – COO, British APCO


“Rachel was an incredibly remarkable guest speaker, balancing candidness and determination. A week after her talk, employees were still sharing how much her leadership journey had resonated with them. They commented how influential it had been to have such an authentic account from someone who ‘had made it’ in their professional career despite facing several challenges along the way. She answered to employees’ questions with specific and relevant examples, highlighting the importance of learning from failure and leaning on others through coaching and mentoring to become an effective leader”

Eloise Molyneaux – Legal & General


“We asked Rachel to deliver a guest speaker slot about the importance of bringing our whole, authentic selves to work – and that’s exactly what we got! She delivered a passionate, high energy, warts-and-all key-note that illustrated exactly how she has achieved so much. She is an inspiration!”

Chris Cole – Chair, PRIDE Network Group, BMW UK


“Throughout the planning process for our organisation wide event for Lesbian Visibility Day, Rachel was a breath of fresh air – enthusiastic and open to building and adapting the session around the audience and our needs. The event was energetic, and Rachel shared her story with both humour and honesty. Attendee feedback named the event as insightful, inspirational, and refreshing. We’d not hesitate to invite Rachel back in future, and I’ve no doubt she’d be welcomed with open arms by our staff!”

Briony Gardner – Customer Experience Delivery, NHSBSA



“Rachel’s talk was high-octane, honest, instructive and enjoyable. We took a lot from it.”

Daniel Korski – CEO, Public


“Her honest and inspiring personal story was thought-provoking and enabled the CEOs to really reflect on what they could do individually and collectively. We became energised and stream-lined our focus in a way which wasn’t previously explored.”

Conor Burke – CEO, Urgent Health UK


“Rachel delivered an outstanding keynote at our annual summit in 2020.
Not only is Rachel a dedicated, articulate, entrepreneurial professional in her field she’s a wonderful deliverer of messaging. She was engaging for all audience type ensure the message was comprehended for all skill type in the audience. The enthusiasm she delivers with draws you in to be attentive and become interactive with the session. Without a doubt we will see Rachel again at one of our conferences.”

Ian Bell – CEO, Police ICT


“Rachel is an expert in the field of change, leadership and culture, which she brings to life with her lived experience. As a leader I can completely see why, what and how I need to move forward for myself, my team and my organisation. Rachel’s keynote was the call to action so many of us needed.”

Nazia Fitzpatric – Head of Leadership and Engagement, Ministry of Defence


“Honest, inspiring, transparent and motivating. Rachel’s ability to share her lived experience — her personal and professional journey — to a room of LGBTQ+ technologists left the room on their feet and high fiving their neighbors from the excitement. She takes what she’s lived and makes possibility a reality with tangible steps to build a pathway. You get solid, real-world, high-energy delivery from Rachel and every conference could benefit from amplifying her message.”

Michelle Skoor – Lesbians who Tech


“Rachel is a passionate and animated speaker. She has an inherent ability to talk eloquently about the things that matter to her. Rachel is keen to openly share her knowledge and expertise and is a real advocate of equality, diversity and inclusion. What I love best, Rachel’s ability to bring the subject matter to life through her lived experiences!”

Nadira Hussain – Chief Executive, SOCITM


Rachel Murphy is ready to inspire your teams!
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