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Robin Teigland Professor of Strategy and Management of Digitalization | Keynote Speaker | Co-Founder @ Peniche Ocean Watch


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Robin Teigland 2024 Speech Titles Robin Teigland 2024 Speech Titles

  • Digital Transformation of Society & Future of Labour
  • Corporate Governance & Artificial Intelligence Leadership
  • Building an AI Innovation Ecosystem
  • Blockchain: Driving the Circular Economy
  • Leading in a Networked World
  • Scenario Thinking

Robin Teigland's Biography

Robin is Professor of Strategy and Management of Digitalization at Chalmers University of Technology. Robin is also Fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), member of the Productivity Commission for Sweden's Ministry of Finance, board member of Luftfartsverket (LFV), and has gained recognition as one of Sweden’s most influential women in technology. Before Chalmers, Robin was Professor of Business Administration, with a specialization in Strategic Information Systems Management at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Teigland's research spans digital innovation networks, disruptive technologies' impact on society and the economy, circular economy ecosystems, and the twin transition of manufacturing. She is the Director of SuRF-LSAM, a project aiming to establish a global network of circular economy microfactories. Additionally, she chairs Co-creating Better Blue (C2B2), a four-year, interdisciplinary research program funded by Mistra - The Swedish foundation for strategic environmental research.

Beyond academia, Teigland is an impact entrepreneur fostering blue circular economies in Portugal and Sweden through the Peniche Ocean Watch Initiative and startups Circular Ocean LDA and Ekbacken Studios AB.

Robin also has a diverse industry background spanning venture capital, consulting, and entrepreneurship across multiple continents. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis and surfing as well as watching her kids play basketball and spending time with her family.

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