Dr Reena Kotecha

Dr Reena Kotecha Organisational Wellbeing Consultant, TEDx/International Public Speaker, International Advisory Board Member for Headspace Health, Mindfulness Research Advisor, University of Cambridge


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Dr Reena Kotecha 2023 Speech Titles Dr Reena Kotecha 2023 Speech Titles

  • Mindfulness Meditation; A Core Resilience Skill for Stress Management
  • Mindfulness Meditation for Personal Wellbeing & Professional Productivity and performance
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
  • Mental Health at Work
  • Strengthening Relationships by Creating the Conditions for Psychological Safety at Work
  • Mindful Self-Compassion; A Positive Self-Management Tool for Personal Wellbeing and Professional Effectiveness
  • The Power of Positive Psychology in the Workplace
  • Emotional Regulation for Health and Performance
  • Managing Our Mental Health Using Lifestyle-Based Medicine Practices
  • Can You Really Use Your Lifestyle As Medicine?
  • Understanding Sleep Science for Personal Wellbeing and Professional Productivity
  • Mental Health & The Metaverse
  • Health & Wellness Apps; Creating Digital Experiences for Behaviour Change

Dr. Reena Kotecha's Biography

Dr Reena Kotecha studied Medicine and undertook a research degree in Neuroscience and Mental Health at Imperial College London and following this spent the early part of her career serving in the National Health Service (UK) as a hospital doctor. She is trained in the therapeutic use of Mindfulness Meditation at the British Mindfulness Institute and is a certified teacher of 'Search Inside Yourself'; a mindfulness & compassion based emotional intelligence training programme developed at Google.

In 2016 Reena founded Mindful Medics; an evidence-based and research-backed staff well-being programme aimed at optimising the mental and emotional health of care providers in healthcare settings across the globe.

Dr Kotecha also works as an organisation wellbeing consultant in the non-healthcare sector. Her clients, ranging from SME’s to large multi-national corporates engage Reena to offer training to enhance staff wellbeing along with productivity, performance and engagement using tools from the areas of neuroscience, lifestyle-based medicine, mindfulness, compassion, emotional intelligence and positive psychology and more.

Reena is an established public speaker, regularly delivering keynotes and panels at international conferences and global events. Reena serves on the International Advisory Board of Headspace Health; one of the world’s largest meditation Apps, and she is a professional stakeholder in mindfulness research being conducted at the University of Cambridge, UK.

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