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Dr Shelley James The Light Lady' | Author | TEDx speaker | WELL AP, Advisory & Faculty | Consultant | Collaborating Across Industries and Agencies to Improve Health, Well-being and Sustainability Through Effective Lighting


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Dr Shelley James 2024 Speech Titles Dr Shelley James 2024 Speech Titles

  • From the space station to the workstation: how NASA's innovations are redefining office design
  • Busting the Melatonin Myth: New Perspectives for Human-Centric Lighting
  • Lighting for health and well-being in the workplace and the home office: sleep, mood, musculoskeletal health, computer vision, ergonomics, productivity, employer branding, healthy building certification, sustainability and return on investment.
  • Lighting for inclusive design: Standards and guidelines relating to neurodiversity and inclusion, the market opportunity, and specific considerations for neurodiverse audiences including implications of sensory processing and hormone changes for lighting selection and control.
  • Lighting for Residential Care and Dementia: Sleep, pain, mood, cognitive decline and agitation, falls, nutrition, shift work, sustainability and return on investment.
  • Lighting for Students with Special Educational Needs: Processing differences and neurodiversity, sleep, mood, attention, wayfinding and engagement, staff retention, sustainability and return on investment.
  • Lighting for the Body Clock: The history of discovery, link with other life forms, key factors in circadian entrainment at critical stages of development from foetus to old age, neurodiversity and chronotypes, implications of social jetlag, shift work and artificial light after dark and practical strategies for circadian health.
  • Lighting for Nutrition: Circadian entrainment on the metabolism of food and medication, new understanding of the role of specific wavelengths on mitochondrial function, the impact of lighting on appetite and visual appeal of food, the impact of lighting on mood and stress.
  • Recovering from traumatic head injury and post-viral syndrome: lighting the way to long-term health and well-being : my personal journey and practical strategies for managing photosensitivity, chronic fatigue, pain, memory, mood and mental health.
  • Role of light in sensory processing and multisensory integration. Simple adjustments to light and lighting in the home to support recovery from chronic conditions such as long Covid.

Dr Shelley James's Biography

Dr Shelley James is an international expert on light and well-being, TEDx and keynote speaker, Author and elected member of the WELL Light Advisory and WELL Faculty Member. She is also an electrician and open-water swimmer. Clients include global lighting, construction and technology brands, regulators, healthcare and education trusts, architects and designers. A recent social media campaign to raise awareness of the impact of light on teens reached over 2.5 million young people around the world. Her TEDx talk was in the top three in the world in the month following its release.

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