Behavioral Economics Speakers

Behavioral Economics Speakers

Behavioral Economics: The focus on emotions, culture and cognitive process in economic decision making.

Daniel Lacalle New
Daniel Lacalle Professor of Global Economics and Finance, and Chief Economist at Tressis
  • Monetary Policy and Implications on Markets
  • Energy Transition, Security of Supply and Competitiveness
  • Global Macro and the Failure of Stimulus
Dr. Tomáš Sedláček
Dr. Tomáš Sedláček Author of Economics of Good and Evil, Philosopher of Economics
  • Behavioural Economics -The Theory And Practice Of Social And Economic Change
  • The Greatest And Most Prevalent Trends In The History Of The Economy: From Most Distant Past To Most Distant Future.
  • The Great Movement Of Nations: Into The Digital. Our New Habitat, Our New Country.
Leonard Brody
Leonard Brody Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist and Best-Selling Author
  • Is Your Brand Future Ready?
  • Techno-Economic Trends
  • The Great Rewrite: A Playbook For Post Innovation
Noreena Hertz
Noreena Hertz Honorary Professor at University College London, Economist, Author and Thought Leader
  • How to Make The Workplace Less Lonely
  • Coming Together In A World That's Pulling Apart
  • How To Make Smart Decisions In The Post-Covid 19 World
Professor Iris Bohnet
Professor Iris Bohnet Academic Dean of Harvard Kennedy School, Professor of Business and Government
  • What works: Gender Equality By Design
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Defying Gender Bias
Professor Ozgur Demirtas
Professor Ozgur Demirtas Chair Professor of Finance at Sabanci University
  • The Current State of Developed and Emerging Markets
  • What to Invest in Turbulent Markets?
  • How will The Trade Wars Between US and China Evolve?

Behavioral Economics Speakers Decoding Human Behavior

Imagine a neighborhood client who has been coming to the same coffee shop for almost 40 years! Numerous coffee shops may have emerged in the same neighborhood over the years. Nevertheless, customers remain loyal to this one shop. What is this behavior motivated by? 

This behavior is referred to as  Anchoring in Behavioral Economics, this consumer behavior finds its roots in BE. 

This behavior relates to the process of influencing a person’s actions by associating with their emotions. The atmosphere, staff, and coffee quality at this shop leave a lasting impression on customers. Over time, this experience evolves into favorable decision based action and repeat visits.

Even if other shops nearby serve the same coffee for the same price, customers frequently stick with one shop. 

Behavioral Economics Definition

What is Behavioural Economics?

“Dreams simply never sleep — and they are hard to control. In multiple meanings of the word: The one who learns to control his or her dreams will be able to control his or her reality.” Tomas Sedlacek

Behavioral Economics as an economic theory gives insights into how and why consumers and businesses make the economic decisions they do.  From Prospect theory to Herbert Simon’s bounded rationality, from social norms to  present bias. This economic model offers tools and concepts to understand and predict future consumer trends. 

Economics is essentially about decision making. Decisions are connected to our minds and global trends so in order to understand the complexities and respond to them multiple disciplines from Data Analytics to sociology inform Behavioral Economics.

Study combines multiple disciplines, including psychology, social & cultural studies, and future trends, brands s. It aims to examine consumer and organizational behaviors in addition to removing cognitive biases. .

How Behavioral Economics Speakers Add Value to Your Event?

Behavioral Economics speakers can contribute significantly to a business’ understanding of its consumers. Understanding the factors that influence consumer rational choices and their mental accounting is crucial for businesses to cater to specific interests. 

After-dinner speeches are one of the best ways to introduce this popular branch of economics to new  audiences. Choosing an after-dinner speaker specializing in consumers’ economics behavior serves as an engaging and inspiring session.

These speakers share real-industry stories of the impact of behavioral economics on businesses and consumers. They provide insights to the choice architecture of the consumers. Apart from being amusing and interesting, these anecdotes serve as thought-provoking snippets that can guide audience’ personal and professional lives.

Will Higham

Will Higham is a Behavioral Futurist and trends analyst who advises companies at to their next best move when it comes to understanding and delivering for customers.

Will’s keynote topics are as below.

  • What Your Customers Will Want, Need and Expect From You Tomorrow
  • How to Anticipate and Appeal to Tomorrow’s Customer
  • Why Consumer Trends Matter to Your Business
  • What are The Consumer Trends Impacting The XXXX Industry
  • Your Customers and Tomorrow’s Technology
  • How to Win The Loyalty of Tomorrow’s Customer
  • How Better Understanding Your Consumer Can Help You Beat The Competition
Dr Tomas Sedlacek 

Author of the ground breaking Economics of Good and Evil, Tomas Sedlacek’s topics give a flavor of the thinking behind his theories and prompt audiences to really think about human civilization in multiple contexts. 

  • Behavioural Economics -The Theory And Practice Of Social And Economic Change
  • The Greatest And Most Prevalent Trends In The History Of The Economy: From Most Distant Past To Most Distant Future.
  • The Great Movement Of Nations: Into The Digital. Our New Habitat, Our New Country.
  • Becoming A Planetary Civilization And Planetary Economics (Turning From Civilization 0 To Civilization 1 On Kardashev Scale)
  • Future Of Our Economy, What Makes Future Wealth Of Nations?
  • The Changing Nature Of Our Desires (Examples From Behavioural Economics) Strategy For Future
  • Changing Nature Of Industries, GDP Becoming More And More Abstract
Dr Behice Ece Ilhan

Dr Behice Ece Ilhan is a brilliant observer and analyst for global socio economic and digital trends.

Some of Dr Ilhan’s topics are as outlined below.

  • Covid-19 & Beyond: Resilience in Routines, Habits, and Rituals
  • Meshed Realities: Manifestations of 5G Across Categories
  • Iconic Brands: Brands as Social and Cultural Agents
  • Strategic Storytelling: & Women Empowerment
  • Fluidity: Homeless Homes & Fluid Work
  • Reimagining Sustainability via Self Sustenance and  
  • Loyalty Models and Competitive Strategies
  • Strategic Thinking: The Curse of the Mainstream Appeal
  • Future of X-Mobility, Reality, Money, Work, Humanity, Beauty
Prof Ozgur Demirtas

Professor Ozgur Demirtas is Chair Professor of Finance at Sabanci University.

  • The Current State of Developed and Emerging Markets
  • What to Invest in Turbulent Markets?
  • How will The Trade Wars Between US and China Evolve?
  • How can We Benefit from Fierce Trade War Environment?
  • Cryptocurrencies and The Future
Daphne Costa Lopes

Daphne Costa Lopes is Head of Customer Success, UKI at Hubspot.

  • Building a Second Growth Engine: Why You Should Invest in CS
  • Why Customer Success is the Key To Durable and Sustainable Growth
  • Breaking Linear Growth with CX
  • Improve NRR By Focusing on Your Customer’s Outcomes
  • Artificial Intelligence, Automation and the Future of CX


Behavioral Economics can also be applied to make us stick to good habits? 

The role of BE is deeper than you may imagine. Simple scientific discoveries can have profound effects on our daily lives. BE can transform organizational approach to sales and marketing, among others.

Simply put, this science deals with action patterns that drive economic decisions of individuals or businesses. An insight into these actions can help us transform our actions and shape our future.

The expertise of a speaker helps audiences understand this science and its applications better. As speakers, these individuals possess the unique talent of conveying complicated concepts in a simple and engaging manner.

Expert speakers captivate audiences with simple real-life stories related to the concept. Audiences get keener to explore the various facets of Behavioral Science for individual and organizational betterment. 

Who doesn't like a concept that promises to improve people's lives?

Still not sure? Here are more reasons why after-dinner Behavioral Economics Keynote  speakers can be a crucial part of your business improvement strategy.

A Great Alternative to Standard Audience Engagement

Compared to conventional engagement methods such as computer presentations or cliched speeches, after-dinner speakers offer more fascinating ways to engage. 

These experts rely on their wit and knowledge to deliver inspiring  stories. They are less formal in their speeches, which makes the ambience and the communication more attractive and captivating.

Powerful Business Insights

Highly experienced behavioral economics speakers take a light-hearted approach to delivering their speeches. These are not hard-core formal speeches, but witty communication that passes on crucial messages for personal and organizational development.

Speakers present compelling real-world instances from Behavioral Science to provide new insights that you might not have known before.  Sometimes, these insights can unfold a new solution for existing business problems.

From improving employee productivity to designing loyalty-building customer experiences, seasoned speakers entertain you with powerful messages in humorous packages.

A Unique Business Strategy

Business Economics is a core business discipline with powerful benefits. Whether you are feeling stuck at work or looking for personal inspiration, we can help. Speaker Agency Behavioral Economics Speakers, trend analyst and Behavioral Futurists can help you understand and respond to your target audience.

Top Behavioral Economics experts can demonstrate the value of using this science for business and personal growth.  You can explore ways to employ the science for different business functions, including:

  • Nurturing better leaders
  • Empowering managers to become better decision makers  
  • Designing better customer experiences
  • Enhancing product descriptions for improved personalization and reach
  • Using social proof to attract the right candidates for recruitment
  • Employing barrier removal strategies for faster customer issue resolution and loss aversion. 
  • Developing successful pricing strategies according to consumer psychology 
  • Employing the Paradox of Choice while providing consumers with sensible product/ service choices
  • Using Interventions for common influencing factors to nurture positive actions. For example, negative behaviors based on habitual actions, social proof and emotional impact, can be replaced with positive human actions
  • Improving corporate performance by influencing economics attitudes and patterns and understanding behavioral finance. 
  • Keeping employees motivated and engaged
Popular Speaker Topics in Behavioral Economics

A range of other interesting topics is available in Behavioral Economics, for speakers to address and audiences to explore. Some popular themes that continue to sway audiences include:

  • Behavioral Economics (BE) in daily life
  • Behavioral Economics for Corporate Growth
  • Behavioral Economics for Startup Success
  • What does Global Research Say About Behavioral Economics
  • Designing Extraordinary Customer Experiences Using Behavioral Economics
  • Introducing Behavioral Finance
  • Behavioral Economics and Making Habits Stick
Top Reasons to Choose Behavioral Economics Speakers @ Speaker Agency

At Speaker Agency, our speakers come with expertise and a unique style essential to carry the message across a room. 

Qualified Behavioral Economics Speakers 

Our speakers come with relevant educational abilities  and extensive on-field experience to talk to you about Behavioral Economics. 

Professors, corporate strategists, thought leaders, influencers, and researchers observe science in action daily.

These experts are eager to share their knowledge with a wider audience in an engrossing manner.

Speakers Capable of Aligning with the Audience

We choose speakers based on audience personalities. We can accommodate audiences of all types, whether they're conservative or enjoy a bit of humor.

Exceptional Speaker Attributes

Apart from domain expertise, our speakers come with the ability to hold an audience captive with their speech. 

What objectives do you have for your after-dinner speech?

  • Entertain audiences with a relevant new-gen theme
  • Bring forth fresh domain perspectives
  • Hold audience attention throughout
  • Inspire audiences to take positive actions at work and in their personal lives

Our speakers can help you achieve the above goals and more, with their real-life experiences and domain expertise.

Make Way for Positive Conversations

With our speakers at the helm, you can expect a positive ambience and a cheery audience that wants more. Our speakers motivate audiences to start new conversations about Behavioral Economics.

Your audience would want to stay after dinner and discuss their discoveries and the potential of BE in their daily lives. With their newfound knowledge, they will more likely be inspired to explore the concept in their daily lives.

You will get the credit for your achievement whether your audience wants to learn or use BE for their own improvement. They will thank you for the event and carry the gratitude forever in their hearts. 

To book a speaker through our agency, get in touch with us:

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At Speaker Agency, we understand that we are in the job to build your business. Our speakers work toward this goal every time. We bring professionals in the field that know the subject and are capable of striking a chord with your audience.

As your partners, we can help you deliver an impactful after-dinner speech.

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