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Behavioral Economics Speakers

Behavioural Economics: The focus on emotions, culture and cognitive process in economic decision making. Drawing on the principles of economics and psychology, Behavioural Economics allows for behavioural action and determiners to be observed and analysed. Providing you and your corporation with the tools to accurately analyse the market and your target audience to create brand loyalty.

Consumer behaviour is a mixture of current knowledge, environmental factors and random influences. While the standard theory of economics plays a vital role in explaining socio-economic functions, it falls short when it comes to explaining more intricate concepts like ‘utility maximisation’ and ‘rationality’. It is therefore vital to understand behavioural economics before determining corporate strategy.

Our Behavioural Economics speakers provide a well-rounded analysis of market and economy using a variety of filters that include the arts, psychology, culture and sociology.

They deal with the macro:
Who will win the trade wars?
How to cure a manic-depressive economy?
How to get ahead in the digital era?

And the micro:
What makes us prefer x over y?
How do we form trust and loyalty?
What are the determiners in economic decision making?