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Martin Laschkolnig 2024 Speech Titles Martin Laschkolnig 2024 Speech Titles

  • Serenity in Leadership in Turbulent Times
  • Serenity in Times of Crisis
  • Moving Mountains Together
  • Strong from Within-Miracle Self-Confidence
  • Mastering Crises-Reducing Stress (Instead of Piling It Up)
  • How to Tame Your Inner Critic and Thrive in Uncertain Times

Martin Laschkolnig's Biography

Martin Laschkolnig is the founder and director of the “Institut fur Potentialentwicklung” (Institute for the Development of Potential) in Linz, Austria. He is the former president of the German Speakers Association ( and has been an inspirational speaker to audiences on 4 continents from San Diego to South Africa, from Costa Rica to the Himalayas and across Europe.

Martin is expert in how to cultivate motivation, self-esteem, confidence and inner peace. As well as how these qualities  affect leaders, their teams and the performance of people and enterprises.

Martin blends a background in Economics and entrepreneurship with years of studies in Buddhist Philosophy and Theory of Perception with Tibetan monks in India. This led to developing a new and unique approach to how to view and solve our most pressing problems.

Since 2003 Martin Laschkolnig, has been a representative of the International Council for Self-Esteem in Austria. The Council is a worldwide not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of the importance of self-esteem and self-confidence for everyone in our societies, from infants to adults, in schools, families and the business world.

He created several programmes like “Miracle Confidence - with 5 steps to self-motivated employees“ which help companies and various organisations to create an environment in the enterprise that allows for maximum confidence among employees. This has advantages not only for the employees but makes a lot of economic sense as well.

 Studies have shown that this will lead to an engaged workforce with a high emotional bonding to the company, less sick leaves and absences, lower error and accident rates, increased retention of employees AND customers and the closing rate goes up.

His latest programs are address how to “handle the flow of life” in uncertain times. They are are called “Serenity in Leadership” and “How to Tame Your Inner Critic" which share some practical and simple approaches to be a more effective leader when change is imminent and unavoidable.

It’s amazing how effective one can become when one stops resisting life. These sessions allow attendees to learn how to be “carried by the flow of life” and let go of drama and stress. Moving from (even deep) crisis into inner peace not only in theory but also using a simple process that can be integrated in everyone’s daily life.



Resilience and Serenity – Inspiration and Success “Cooperation is the means by which you can move mountains together!”

Especially in these times of great uncertainty, it is important that managers and employees are working together in alignment.

It is important that we meet the challenges prudently and with flexibility in order to be able to master them well. Motivation and a great deal of composure are essential for this.

Martin Laschkolnig unites East and West. He combines structure with a large portion of warm-heartedness and humour. He has been an entrepreneur for 30 years and has been involved in Buddhist philosophy and personal development for almost as long. He brings both horizons of experience to the stage, making his presentations approachable and practical.

You and your employees don’t just hear a few good tips from him, which they then forget a day later because they are difficult or impossible to do. You will be inspired and in the best case already implement the first changes immediately.

Martin Laschkolnig’s presentations are equally concerned with the success of each employee and the success of the company, with healthy growth and healthy people, with resilience and joy despite great challenges.

In short, Martin Laschkolnig is all about serenity in troubled times.

Serenity in Leadership in Turbulent Times Change, digitalization, agility, economic and global political uncertainty…. no stone is left unturned. How do we prepare ourselves for the future? And most importantly, what can we do NOW?

People want/need an environment that inspires and motivates.

The immediate supervisor or team leader makes a significant contribution to whether employees are just present or are committed to making the company’s vision come true. How can a leader maintain serenity and confidence under such pressure?

There are 5 steps needed to build such an environment – in this presentation you will learn which ones and how to implement them with your team – for a work climate that attracts new professionals and retains existing ones.

“Money is not a motivating factor – a serene and inspiring leader even more so!”

Serenity in Times of Crisis It’s not hard to see that the world is in crisis – information cycles are getting shorter and more demanding by the day, and two years of pandemic, political unrest, and a war on top of that make it very hard to stay calm and composed. All this is already difficult to cope with, even if everything works in your own life. Add to that a personal crisis, and it’s not hard to understand why so many people are frustrated, stressed, or even depressed. Life is not easy at the moment.So how is it that there seem to be people who bounce back more easily than others, or people who can remain calm and resilient even in difficult situations?  Martin Laschkolnig talks about what it takes to stay calm even when life is kicking up a storm. Simple changes in mindset and very practical techniques to help re-center yourself and regain your composure – at work and at home. An inspiring, in-depth, yet entertaining talk on how to deal with the daily stressors we all experience and what to do practically (and quickly) when life seems to serve us up more than we can handle in the moment.

Mastering Crises – Reducing Stress, Instead of Piling It Up What would it be worth if you or your team were more relaxed going into the next pitch, negotiation or big presentation?

Learn a surprisingly simple technique, becoming more widely known as EFT or meridian tapping. EFT  can help us reclaim our mental space and resolve stress, often in minutes.

This lecture is purely interactive and involves practical application.“Do you want to be right, or happy? Both? What if only one of those two things is possible?”  

Martin Laschkolnig is ready to inspire your teams!
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