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Natalie Costa 2024 Speech Titles Natalie Costa 2024 Speech Titles

  • Navigating big emotions and building deeper connections with your child
  • Helping your child navigate worry and anxiety
  • Boosting your child’s motivation helping them develop a growth mindset
  • How to survive the tween and teen years
  • How to talk to your child about difficult work events
  • Helping your child grow in confidence
  • Mental Wellbeing for all: Helping you and your child thrive


NATALIE COSTA is an award winning coach, speaker, author and founder of Power Thoughts - a coaching service designed to give children ‘power’ over their own thoughts. Through her private practice and workshops, Natalie has helped over 40,000 children worldwide discover the tools to help them feel calmer, happier and more empowered!

With a background in psychology and having spent 12 years within the educational sector as well as becoming an accredited Performance Coach, Power Thoughts was born - which blends her past experience and deep understanding of children and their needs, now providing them with the tools to cope and thrive in the modern world.

Natalie has been featured in the national press and TV, such as Stella Magazine, Good Morning Britain, BBC Breakfast, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph and is one Super Tutors for BBC Bitesize. She is also the co-author of four activity books for children, ‘Know your feelings,’ ‘Find your Power,’ ‘Stretch your Confidence!’ and “Love Being You!)

Her intention is to always be focused on helping one child at a time, to learn the skills that allows them to navigate all their emotions, developing healthy mental fitness habits that will continue to support them as they grow.

When not working, Natalie enjoys traveling to sunny destinations, exploring new city running routes or out on her paddle board in the ocean.

Workshop Titles:

•   Understanding my big feelings

•   Calm is my Super Power!

•   Mistakes are Cool!

•   Navigating friendship wobbles with ease

•   The power of my inner positive friend

•   Boss back the worries!

•   Confident Me!

These are pre-recorded and include a downloadable activity pack and an additional parent clip, sharing further insights so that parents can continue to support their child. These can be tailored for children in primary and secondary school.


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