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Sarah Müllertz Founder & Creative Director, KINRADEN


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Sarah Müllertz 2024 Speech Titles Sarah Müllertz 2024 Speech Titles

  • Timeless Creation: Elevating Materials and Adding Long-Term Value
  • Midlife Career Change: From Part-Time Passion Project to International Brand
  • Organic Growth: the importance of Remaining Aligned with Your Vision
  • Incorporating Social Responsibility: How to Grow with Integrity

Sarah Müllertz's Biography

Sarah Müllertz founded KINRADEN in 2014. Sarah’s path to launching her responsible fine jewellery brand was guided by her education at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and her successful architecture career. KINRADEN began life as a precious part-time project that allowed Sarah to channel her creative spirit. In 2019, inspired by the moving eulogy at her best friend’s funeral, Sarah took a risk and embarked on a midlife career change. Leaving behind her influential architecture role, Sarah chose to devote herself fully to scaling KINRADEN internationally and creating a unique style reflecting her fascination with miniature forms and sculptural design. Through KINRADEN, Sarah champions a material-first approach to design and only selects truly sustainable materials for her pieces. KINRADEN is also demonstrating the viability of circular business models within the fine jewellery sector and Sarah encourages fellow designers to make more responsible production choices. Sarah remains a prominent figure in Danish architecture and art circles, often taking on the role of moderator or speaker at art and design-focused events. In 2023, Sarah was appointed to join a distinguished team of external examiners at her alma mater: the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.

Keynote Titles In Detail

Timeless creation: elevating materials and adding long-term value

Sarah’s insights into responsibly sourcing materials, employing a ‘triangle approach’ to design and promoting a circular business model within the fine jewellery sector.

Midlife career change: from part time passion project to international brand

Sarah’s advice for people embarking on a midlife career change, having herself moved from a successful architecture career to growing KINRADEN full-time.

Organic growth: the importance of Remaining Aligned with Your Vision

Sarah’s guidance on growing a business organically and retaining creative control to pursue a unique vision. Informed by her experience of launching and scaling KINRADEN into a leading responsible fine jewellery brand.

Incorporating Social Responsibility: How to Grow with Integrity

How businesses can emulate KINRADEN’s approach to responsible business by implementing UN Sustainable Development Goals, helping to create a new generation of responsible businesses with impact at their core.

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