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Chris Harvey aka The Change Guy Top 50 Global Thought Leaders & Influencers on Change Management | Keynote Speaker on ‘Demystifying Change’ | Head of Change at Tesco


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Chris Harvey aka The Change Guy 2024 Speech Titles Chris Harvey aka The Change Guy 2024 Speech Titles

  • Demystifying Change
  • Change Management
  • How to Drive Successful Change
  • AI in Our Future Workplace
  • Cultural Change
  • Hybrid & Remote Working Change
  • Building A Change Capability From Scratch in Your Organisation
  • How to Introduce Change Management to Your Business/Team

Chris Harvey aka The Change Guy 

Often referred to as “The Change Guy.”

Christopher TS Harvey has spent the past two decades mastering the complexity of change and how to manage change successfully.

Since studying alongside Prince William and Kate at the University of St Andrews, Chris has been busy in the change space. Unaware at the time, he was somewhat of a trailblazer in the Change Management domain, obsessed with the human-centric, psychological nature of change. Pushing himself ever since to operate at the ‘bleeding edge’ of the change sphere.

What makes him a standout as a speaker is his ability to convert extensive academic understanding and hands on experience of complex change, into meaningful learnings and tangible takeaways for the audience to better manage through change. All done against a captivating backdrop of 80s/90s soundtracks, balloon metaphors and ‘tongue in cheek’ British humour.

Chris has been published extensively in GQ Magazine around the world, on change subjects ranging from natural disasters to workplace burnout. He’s also written for the Daily Mail, The Telegraph, HR Magazine, Business Insider, been interviewed by BBC, TalkRadio and many more. His proudest achievement will be publishing the book he continues to work on, whilst educating the next generation of change leaders through his guest lecturing.

With every editorial or speaking engagement, Chris’s aim always remains the same at its core: to ‘Demystify Change!’

Unrivalled Professional Experience

Chris has successfully delivered over 200 projects and programmes at some of the world’s largest blue-chip companies across the energy, retail, financial and professional service sectors. While taking on some of the broadest and toughest change leadership posts out there; 90%+ of initiatives he has led either met or exceeded adoption, engagement, cost, and timings targets. He is currently Head of Change for the UK’s largest retailer.

While running his own change management consulting business, Chris started featuring in countless publications and outlets sharing his thoughts on the subject he loves. Whether it’s writing, guest speaking, working for himself or the world’s largest employers, his task has always been the same; drive change into the hearts and minds of his audience.

Chris has since become recognised as a thought leader on all things ‘Change.’

Takeaway benefits/why book Chris?

The way organizations manage change has got overly complicated and often out of hand - Textbooks, extensive spreadsheets, expensive courses, accreditations, painstaking governance, reporting, etc etc etc, so many tick box exercises. Unsurprisingly 2/3 of change initiatives are deemed a failure. Chris has recognized that 80% of the value added comes from 20% of the effort. So, he wants to drill into that 20% together and “demystify change!”

He has developed a simple 3 step approach for how you and your organization can more simply, affordably and effectively manage change. He wants to share this with you and have some fun while doing it!

Chris is deeply knowledgeable and experienced leader  through decades spent in corporate senior leadership roles where he led teams through rapid and sometimes unexpected change. Tapping into his experience as a consultant and corporate leader, Chris will listen to,  understand and support your teams  as they navigate change related challenges and opportunities. He will create bespoke material and a narrative to ensure you get the very most out of your experience together.


“Speaking proceeds go to my sister’s Spinal Muscular Atrophy awareness charity “Rally Round Rupert” - my nephew Rupert was born with SMA Type 1 and is only alive today due to life saving treatment. He is my hero and role model in managing through change every single day!” 

Bavan Nathan

Ex-Chief Audit & Risk Officer at Tesco & KMPG Partner

“Chris has been advising the transformation and change agenda within my team. He brings great professionalism, pragmatism and customer orientation in his advice. He brings an entrepreneurial outlook and avoids textbook answers. The advice and insights have been truly valuable to me. It is a pleasure to have him part of my team. An amazing team member. I can’t recommend Chris enough.”

Ex-PwC Canada Managing Partner

Serge Gattesco FCPA, FCA

“I worked with Chris during a time we were introducing very significant and very rapid change in PwC. Our change focused on a very ambitious digital transformation and of course behavioural change. Working with Chris was a delight . Not only is he someone who is knowledgeable, positive and organized, what I truly appreciated was that he focused on being practical. What would work at the “shop floor." How would our people react, change, adapt etc. Always a pleasure .”

Billy Ray Taylor

CEO, EVP of Operations & Supply Chain, Chief Diversity Officer, Operational Excellence World Leader, Keynote Speaker, Author

“I highly recommend Christopher T S Harvey as a keynote speaker. He is a talented, experienced, and engaging speaker who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his presentations.

Christopher's ability to connect with his audience and convey complex ideas in a clear and concise manner is truly impressive. His insights and perspectives on a range of topics are always thought-provoking and inspiring.

Any organization would be lucky to have Christopher as a keynote speaker at their event.”

Viktoría Jensdóttir

Head of Operational Service department at Landspitali University Hospital – Organizer of Lean Island Conference, Reykjavik, Iceland

“I can fully recommend Christopher as a keynote speaker in the topic of change management and leadership. He has a great presence, the audience responded very well to him, he was organized with his presentation and on time. He was able to get the material through with humour but also deliver great content. His slides were also very professional and he has a easy to listen voice and accent so for people who don't have English as a first language they were able to easily follow him. In preparation to the event he was also very quick to reply and gave us everything we needed such as slides on time. So in summary a great option to have in your conference and I would definitely book him again.”

Chris Harvey aka The Change Guy is ready to inspire your teams!
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