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Martha Barnard-Rae 2024 Speech Titles Martha Barnard-Rae 2024 Speech Titles

  • Values-based business: Communicate your business values to attract the right people (and weed out the wrong ones)
  • All over the shop: Plan and repurpose your content (and get your life back!)
  • The business of neurodiversity: How I run a flawless business with ADHD. (Spoiler alert: I don’t.)
  • On quitting: I quit teaching a month before a global pandemic — and carved out a career I love
  • Thought leadership: How to lead the pack and make genuine connections in your industry
  • Various copywriting topics: Website structure, Home and About pages, Finding your brand voice
  • Bias in the workplace: Learn to identify and challenge your biases — for a happier, more productive workplace.
  • How to be a difficult woman: Feminism, privilege, and making space at the table

Martha Barnard-Rae's Biography 

Martha Barnard-Rae is a copywriter, TEDx and keynote speaker, and neurodivergent business owner. She is the founder of Word Candy and a sore loser of board games. Martha moonlights as a feminist scholar and co-host of The One That Works For You podcast. 

Martha is a sought-after presenter on topics like values-based business ownership, neurodiversity, branding and clear communication, bias in the workplace, and growing thought leadership across industries. Audiences love her fun, thoughtful delivery and interactive style. 

A former English teacher, Martha is adept at distilling complicated ideas in a clear, concise way. Setting boundaries is her superpower. Her love language is Instagram reels.

Photo credit: Jenny Feast 

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