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Business Creativity Speakers

Creativity in Business is crucial for new ideas to flourish and to keep your brand and organisation relevant: to your customers, to your stake holder and to your team. It is about getting out of a closed loop. To dare to be creative. To open one’s senses to beauty and possibilities.

Creativity drives innovation, collaboration and new brand experiences. Creating a culture and ideas freeway where your teams co-create solutions. Create experiences and relationships and products to best meet your customers’ needs.

From understanding HR and customer trends, to building a global start-up, from leading in a challenging market to sustainable business models. Creativity in Business impacts every aspect and touch point of your brand and business.

Our Business Creativity speakers are an eclectic group of Economists, Futurists, Generations Researchers, Business leaders and Tech Consultants. They share with us their own methods and creative approach as well as their success stories. How cross industry and discipline collaboration helps create unique products, experiences and solutions, ultimately leading to profitability and sustainable success.